Sickler's Home Supply

Elwood Sickler opened Sickler's Home Supply in Tunkhannock around 18 years ago.

For 18 years, Sickler’s Home Supply has been a one-stop shop for interior and exterior fixtures.

Customers could find windows, doors, cabinets and more, plus someone to install them through a partner business.

“I’ve been doing construction all my life,” said owner Elwood Sickler. “We had and we still have Sickler Construction. I was always looking for a place to have a showroom. This became available so we ended up buying another home supply store and moving that into here.”

Located on 5671 Route 6 in Tunkhannock, the family-owned store formerly shared a building with Purkey’s Pink Apple, which officially closed in May. After the diner’s closure, Sickler said people assumed the home supply store also went out of business.

He clarified that the owners of Purkey's only rented part of the building, which the Sicklers own.

“It’s unfortunate that the virus has affected (them) the way it has and that they’re going to retire early,” said Sickler. “Now we are actively pursuing other leads to bring somebody in to rent and lease the restaurant space again.”

The Pink Apple’s closure has impacted foot traffic at Sickler’s Home Supply. Customers of the restaurant used to stop in before or after having a meal, even sometimes while they waited for their food to be ready.

“We kind of worked hand in hand, so with the restaurant not here, it has hurt our sales,” he said.

Sickler acknowledged how this is a tough time for the restaurant industry. However, he’s confident that another restaurant will claim the space soon.

“The Pink Apple is a part of history. Everybody knows where the Pink Apple is,” he said. “It’s just a matter of time to get somebody back in here.”

Sickler’s Home Supply was deemed an essential business during the pandemic. While his staff has been taking extra efforts to make sure everything stays sanitized, he said masks are optional for customers. Employees will put a mask on if a customer requests it.

Over the years, Sickler has enjoyed being able to help homeowners make improvements to their residences, often while saving money in the long run.

“We are not always the least expensive, but we will give you the best that we have,” he said.

While big box stores have their place, Sickler said shopping locally provides a different perspective.

“At Lowe’s or Home Depot, the people that you talk with, that’s their job. This is my company,” he said. “We’ve been there, we know, and we can give you seasoned advice.”

For more information about Sickler’s Home Supply, visit or call 570-836-3905.

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