UGI's Get Gas program was a point of interest at Thursday night's Tunkhannock Borough Council meeting.

Linde Corporation, the company installing pipeline in Tunkhannock Borough for the Get Gas project, plans to have a subcontractor pave all roads cut into so far.

Council member Ben Barziloski recently went on a walk-through of the borough with representatives from Linde and UGI.

Barziloski said a timeline hasn't been established for paving yet. However, to avoid too much construction going on in the borough at once, Linde plans to work around NE Marcellus, which has been installing a waterline.

UGI Director of Business Development Don Brominski was present at Thursday's meeting to share information about the UGI rate case.

In 2018, UGI merged its three natural gas utilities into one entity: UGI Utilities. This included UGI Gas, UGI PNG and UGI CPG, each of which had its own tariff and rate structures.

The newly consolidated utility has three rate districts.

This past January, UGI Utilities filed a rate case with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in hopes of merging these districts into one rate structure.

The merger would hopefully decrease Get Gas charges, said Brominski.

UGI proposed a $21.75 monthly charge for residential properties and a $7.86 monthly charge plus $1.07 per Mcf for commercial properties.

Currently, the rates in the north rate district stand at $44.90 per month for residential and $23.01 per month plus $2.71 per Mcf for commercial.

New rates wouldn't go into effect until October of this year, Brominski said, so he encouraged people in the borough who want to hook up to natural gas to start out by paying the monthly rate.

If customers plan to do the buy-out option, they should wait until October to see if rates decrease.

Brominski said he hopes there is gas in the lines by Founders Day this June.

UGI has invested around $10 million into the project so far in addition to receiving $2 million from the state. The Wyoming County Commissioners gave $110,000 in the beginning and committed to another $325,000.

Council president Bob Robinson said he and borough manager Dawn Welch recently spoke with Dennis Phelps, executive director of Trehab.

Robinson said Phelps made it clear that the new Trehab recovery center on Warren Street will not provide medication-assisted treatment.

Instead, Trehab will attempt to find somewhere west of the borough to offer this service.

Barziloski said sober houses popping up in the borough is something council needs to examine closely.

"I'm not against rehab at all, but this isn't good for our borough. It's going to drop our property values," he said. "There's some literature on it that we have in the borough office, other states, other towns, that were decimated by these things."

Council is trying to establish an ordinance for sober houses, Robinson said, which would require supervision and certain regulations.

Robinson said Trehab originally wanted to provide MAT on Warren Street because people in the area have to go to Luzerne County for it, and many don't have cars to get there.

"They thought that this was the best place to have it but we say no, it isn't a good place," Robinson said. "Parking is one thing, restaurants in downtown is another thing, and we don't need people coming in and out of there when people are out on the sidewalk trying to have dinner."

Under planning and zoning, council member Dan Gay said the committee met on April 9 to discuss rezoning the area surrounding the courthouse to R2 in hopes of allowing more business spaces to open.

Gay said the idea has received community support and council will be specific as to which types of businesses are allowed in the rezoned area.

Council moved to pass the rezoning proposal on to the planning commission.

The planning and zoning committee is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, May 14.

Tunkhannock Borough Police Chief Keith Carpenter said Officers Dustin Cokely and Bob Roberts attended a national conference on domestic violence in San Diego. Calif.

Patrolman Rick Stevens will soon receive training for speed enforcement, Carpenter said, and Mayor Norm Ball has been released from the hospital.

Borough residents can participate in a countywide electronic recycling event at the Wyoming County Recycling Center in Tunkhannock Township on Saturday, May 11 from 9 a.m. to noon.

For a complete list of acceptable items and fees, visit

Two events have been also scheduled at Riverside Park. This includes Shakespeare in the Park on June 22 and River Day on July 20.

Tunkhannock Borough Council is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, June 6 at 7 p.m.

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