Aldi is slated to open the first week of November on Hunter Highway.

A popular supermarket chain coming to Wyoming County is getting closer to its grand opening. ALDI’s Supermarket will open its new location on the Hunter Highway in Eaton Township on Thursday, Nov. 5.

A soft opening with a probable ribbon cutting for local dignitaries is set for 9 a.m., Nov. 4, Eaton Township supervisor Paul Rowker said.

National contractors handed over the keys of the business to ALDI representatives on Wednesday morning (Oct. 28) as an official sign that the business is almost ready for opening.

Rowker, who has been instrumental in seeing the project through from the township level says the community is excited for a new shopping option close to home.

“The folks have been calling us constantly as to when they’re gonna open,” Rowker said. “We’re very fortunate to get new businesses. We love bringing new businesses to the community.”

Construction of the new supermarket began in May according to Kurt Pomerenke who works for National Contractors Inc., the company which was in charge of the construction.

“We are dedicated to providing the communities we serve the best groceries at the lowest-possible prices, and we look forward to introducing Tunkhannock residents to their new neighborhood grocery store,” said Bob Grammer, Center Valley division vice president for ALDI. “We are focused on continuing to expand and open new stores across the country because we want to do our part. We know now, more than ever, easy access to fresh food and household essentials is invaluable.”

ALDI stores have always been purposefully designed for simplicity and efficiency, and this year ALDI has seamlessly integrated several new safety features in all its stores across the country. The health and safety of customers and employees are the company’s top priorities, and ALDI optimizes its stores to provide the cleanest and safest shopping environment possible. The retailer has also remained focused on ensuring stores are stocked with the food and household essentials customers want and need, including healthy, convenient options and a robust selection of produce delivered fresh to all stores daily. ALDI stores also feature open ceilings, natural lighting and are built with environmentally friendly materials.

ALDI pioneered private-label goods and for the past four decades has remained focused on saving people money on the food and products they want most. Now, more than ever, access to affordable groceries is important, and ALDI is proud to continue offering the lowest-possible prices.

Inside the store on Hunter Highway, all the aisles are ready to go, the freezers are installed and signage is being put on for the finishing touches.

One of the only things left to be completed is to ship in the groceries and produce that customers will be able to purchase once the store opens.

One of the unique features about ALDI’s is its cart system. The supermarket chain makes customers insert a quarter to acquire a shopping cart for their visit. Once the customer is done shopping, they return the shopping cart to the rack where they got it from and are then given their quarter back.

ALDI’s says that it saves their employees time by not having to chase shopping carts around the parking lot and does not distract them from their duties inside the store.

The store offers mostly their own brand of food and has recently increased their selections and fresh food options.

“We’re excited to work with ALDI’s and finally bring them here,” Rowker said. “There’s never too many places to shop and this place just adds another place for the people to go.”

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