In the same Tunkhannock Township household on Route 6, from left, John and Diane Sneed support Democrat Joe Biden, while her mom, Barbara Long, and fiance Gordon Lane support Republican Donald Trump.

Avoiding political talk during a presidential election can be a hard task, especially when there are differing political views within the same household.

That is the case for Barbara Long and her daughter Diane Sneed.

Long and her fiance Gordon Lane are supporters of President Donald Trump, standard bearer for the Republicans, while Sneed and her husband John support Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The family has banners for both candidates hanging on the fence outside of their home in Tunkhannock Township in full view of everyone that passes on heavily traveled Route 6, just west of Shadowbrook.

Even with the differing political views, however, politics do not come up often in conversation.

“Everyone has their own views and their own beliefs and we respect that,” Long said. “Everyone shows each other respect.”

Long and Lane have been supporters of President Trump since his early days as a candidate in 2015 and continue to support him today for the same reasons as back then.

“He wasn’t a politician, that’s what attracted him to me,” Long said. “He was for the people and still is, that’s why he has my vote.”

The Sneeds, who were also supporters of President Barack Obama, say that they have seen Vice President Biden pull the country out of crisis before and that his calm voice is what the country needs now.

“When Obama was in office, him and Biden pulled us out of a recession,” John Sneed said. “I believe that Trump proclaiming he had the best economy in the world wasn’t true because he was riding Obama’s coattails.”

One of the biggest differences of opinions was about President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lane and Long believe that the current administration is doing the best it could given the circumstances.

“It was completely a mystery to everyone. He’s being blamed for it even though no one else knew what it was, how deadly it was, or how to fix it,” Lane said. “He was also having to deal with this while in the process of being impeached.”

The Sneed family says that Trump has not been honest with the American people about anything regarding COVID-19 or the pandemic.

“Biden would have been honest with the American people, instead of downplaying it and telling everyone it’s a hoax,” John Sneed said. “He (Trump) knew about this and kept it quiet from the American people when he could have saved thousands of lives.”

Every person has a reason as to which candidate they support and this family is no different.

“Donald Trump believes in the American people, the Bible, God and he’s fighting against socialism.” Long said.

“Over the past four years, hatred has risen,” John Sneed said. “There’s so much hatred since he’s been in office and he is a product of that.”

Even with the differing political views and differing opinions on how the country should move forward, there is one thing that doesn’t change.

“At the end of the day, we’re a family,” Diane Sneed said. “We respect each other’s opinions and beliefs and we don’t get loud and yell at each other.”

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