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Factoryville Borough Council adopted an inspection of rental properties ordinance on Wednesday (May 8).

The purpose of the ordinance is to “assure that rental housing in the borough of Factoryville is decent, safe and sanitary” and “operated and maintained as not to become a nuisance to the neighborhood.”

With this ordinance, rental properties are required to be licensed with the borough.

The ordinance also outlines obligations of owners and tenants, including keeping rental properties clean, responding promptly to reasonable complaints, permitting inspections by the borough’s code enforcement officer and more.

Proposed revisions to Factoryville Borough’s already existent floodplain ordinance will also be advertised for the June meeting and voted on at that time.

Borough manager Mary Ellen Buckbee said it’s been brought to her attention that drivers have been speeding on College Avenue, and she plans to share this with the Dalton Borough Police Department.

Keystone College wrote a grant for Factoryville Borough, which resulted in a $100,000 reward.

Buckbee said during an upcoming meeting with representatives of Keystone, they will figure out how to spend the funds.

“It was originally intended to be both of us, but the college is definitely deferring to it being our grant, so we get to decide if we want to work with them,” she said.

The original plan was to work on the parking lot across from the old pizza place, Buckbee explained, but the grant agency tossed that idea.

“What was still in there for us was to make improvements to the street itself, College Avenue, that would allow us to do some retrofitting of the grates on the catch basins so that you can ride a bicycle over it without getting your tires stuck,” she said, but council will have a better idea of what the funds will go toward after the meeting with Keystone.

Council members also authorized and signed paperwork for the Keystone Commons project.

“We’ve signed these agreements before, but they always seem to be getting revised,” Buckbee noted. “It’s just a matter of allocation of the money in different ways.”

Council member Gregg Yunko said interest in the borough’s Hometown Heroes banners has grown. With 29 banners, the borough has had to stop taking applications, as there just aren’t enough poles.

The borough received some donations from local organizations to help offset costs for veterans and their families, but more funding is needed to cover the rest.

Besides the banners, borough council needs to purchase instruments to hang them on the electrical polls, which presents another cost.

Buckbee said since only two thirds of the people interested in the banners either live in the borough or want to dedicate a banner to someone who lives in the borough, council may consider reaching out to nearby municipalities for additional funding.

Under parks and recreation, council member David Truitt said a recent cleanup at Christy Mathewson Park was a success, as well as Factoryville Borough’s Arbor Day tree planting and celebration of 20 years as a Tree City.

Factoryville Borough received an extra tree for planting this year from Nicholson Borough.

Council member Bill Edwards was absent to give the roads and maintenance report, but Buckbee said the Lackawanna Trail School District is interested in purchasing the borough’s dump truck and plans to have a member of the school board check it out before making a commitment.

Three catch basins were repaired in the borough and more need replacing. A pipe under the road across from the borough hall also needs to be replaced, Buckee said.

Truitt recommended that the borough start keeping better track of catch basin maintenance, as they need repairs often.

Council allowed borough maintenance worker Jim Gesek to use $6,000 for cinders and $300 to repaint crosswalks ahead of Memorial Day.

Factoryville Borough will celebrate Memorial Day with a parade beginning at Lackawanna Trail Elementary Center at 10 a.m. on May 27. The parade will conclude at the cemetery, and Keystone College’s veterans coordinator Marc Gowarty is the event’s keynote speaker.

Factoryville Borough Council is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, June 12 at 6:30 p.m.