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Factoryville Borough Council adopted a parking ordinance Wednesday (March 20) that would combine all parking-related ordinances adopted for different reasons throughout the last 15-20 years.

Solicitor Paul Litwin had written and advertised the ordinance previous to Wednesday’s meeting.

He said the ordinance did not create new parking areas, increase fines or make any other changes, as the purpose was to consolidate.

Council plans to go after a DCNR grant of up to $60,000 to make improvements at Christy Mathewson Park.

Borough grant writer Sadie Rozenburg said the application is due April 10, and the borough hasn’t taken advantage of the opportunity in a couple of years.

“They do the small communities, which is a big deal for us, so we should take advantage of it as much as we can,” Rozenburg said.

Council members discussed pickleball as an option, which combines tennis, badminton and table tennis.

A pickleball court could be installed within the basketball court with a removable net, so the court could still be used for both activities, Rozenburg said.

Council member Bill Edwards suggested a new basketball court altogether in addition to the pickleball court, as a nicer court could attract more kids to the park.

Rozenburg plans to talk to local kids to see what they would look for in a new basketball court, and said another possibility for the grant money would be installing a climbing feature for older kids that resembles a spider web.

The pickleball court and spider web climbing feature would total $44,000, she said, but the grant allows for a maximum amount of $60,000.

“I don’t think we would hit the max with all of that,” she said.

The first $20,000 is free for the application, and then it’s a dollar-for-dollar match up to $60,000, she said. Council members approved applying for up to $60,000 with the grant.

Council member Gregg Yunko said the borough is offering Hometown Heroes banners.

He received a bid for $75 per banner and plans to ask local organizations for donations to offset the costs for veterans and their families who wish to purchase them.

Applications are available in the borough hall for the banners, which would be on display in Factoryville from Memorial Day to Veterans Day.

Edwards said the borough will rent a street sweeper, which costs $600 per week, and also look into going half on purchasing one with Clinton Township in the future.

Council member David Truitt scheduled a cleanup day for April 13 and also brought up an issue with drainage on a trolley trail off Riverside Drive.

With the 2020 census approaching, council agreed to use PennDOT’s map of the borough,which Chas Mead from Wyoming County 911 told borough manager Mary Ellen Buckbee is the most accurate.

Buckbee told council members that she received a quote for new cameras at the maintenance garage for just over $3,000. Council approved spending these funds.

Additionally, bids opened for the paving on Church Street. Council accepted a bid from Wayco Inc. for $47,914.76, which is contingent upon the recommendation of the solicitor and engineer.

Council passed a resolution to dispose of records from 2011, which occurs after seven years has passed, and authorized signing documents for revised agreements with Cabot Oil and Gas.

Council also agreed to renew a traffic signal maintenance plan with Northeast Signal at $670 per traffic signal. Keystone College would get billed for its light in town.

Council agreed to pay the fire company $14,154.86 to help with its mortgage. This sum does not include money for the fire company’s day-to-day operations, Buckbee said.

Buckbee plans to purchase two more binders to preserve the borough council’s meeting minutes, which cost $80-85 each.

The joint park with Clinton Township will undergo an audit soon with a private company instead of elected auditors, as the township changed its process, Buckbee explained.

She also showed council members a photo of the borough’s new dump truck and discussed the trade-in for its 2012 truck, as well as the possibility of using the website Municibid instead.

Council also approved the borough hall being used for a martial arts class on Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. The user would need to provide an insurance certificate, Buckbee said.

Factoryville Borough Council is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m.