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Eaton Township supervisors plan to address needed repairs to lighting on the bridge that connects the township with Tunkhannock Borough over the Susquehanna River.

Two years ago, a light on the bridge was knocked down, which caused structural damage.

Roadmaster Paul Rowker said the township still has a joint grant with the borough through PennDOT, but the process of getting a contractor to do the work has been slow.

After he got in touch with PennDOT recently, it was established that repairs would be finished by the end of July, though they were supposed to be completed in the spring.

Once the structural damage is fixed, he said the township and borough plan to replace the lighting with a fixture that blends in with the others and update it to LED.

“We’re back on target, so hopefully we’ll get the project going,” Rowker said.

Supervisors also discussed Aldi, a supermarket chain, recently purchasing two acres of property in the old Walmart parking lot for a new store.

Rowker sent the engineer on the project an email asking for a timeline on the new Aldi location, which he plans to share once he receives a reply.

The township’s new dump truck is in, but still needs to have a box and plow installed.

In regard to road projects, Rowker said the tar and chip process has been completed.

Weather permitting, a crew was to put microsurfacing down on Monday.

“All this year’s projects will be done,” he said.

The supervisors also went over a requested subdivision in North Eaton on Bryden Beach Lane, where the owner wants to break a property up into several lots.

The supervisors plan to fill out the necessary paperwork for the planning commission, as well as a waiver for sewage for the Department of Environmental Protection since there aren’t plans to build anything on the lots.

Vice chairman Abe Kukuchka was absent on Tuesday.

The Eaton Township supervisors are scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 7 p.m.