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Gina Yarrish, left, provides a client with a riding lesson at YarCorte Acres. Yarrish explained that working with horses helps people overcome many obstacles in their lives.

‘Accelerating your career’ was the main topic of discussion during the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon on March 8 at StoneHedge Golf Course restaurant.

Gina Yarrish, a motivational speaker, life coach and equine facilitator from YarCorte Acres in Kingsley provided participants with a motivational lecture, explaining that accelerating one’s career is a ‘hot topic’ these days among many people.

“We know we want to increase our clients and our income,” Yarrish explained. “Doing that makes us much happier.”

The problem, she said, is that many people do the same things over and over again, always expecting different results.

“We don’t take the time to think about the results we want,” Yarrish explained. “The hardest thing that humans have to do is think.”

There are always going to be things that hold us back, Yarrish said. There’s always going to be self-doubts around us. Just knowing that problems are going to show up can be a big help in overcoming obstacles.

“Successful people learn to overcome those things,” she said. “I teach people how to embrace being ‘uncomfortable.’”

By being uncomfortable, Yarrish said, people can identify what they want out of life, which in turn encourages positive growth.

As an equine facilitator, Yarrish said, she has people work with horses to help them achieve their goals. Riding a horse is a great way to attain self-reflection, and often allows people to determine what works and what is not working in their lives.

One exercise, Yarrish continued, is simply moving the horse from one box in the arena to another. The box the horse starts in is ‘today, or the here and now,’ while the other box is the future. In the process of moving the horse, participants are encouraged to define what they want, and how they will achieve their goals.

“The challenge is to step out of the box,” she explained. “To ultimately build self-esteem and confidence. What can be done differently so I can be better.”

Working with horses is fun, she said, and is a non-traditional way to help a person better themselves.

Yarrish said she’s also published a best seller about her work with horses as motivators, titled “Harness, Purpose, Power, and Peace - Discover the Leader Within You.”

What got her interested in self-motivation, Yarrish said, was she had worked in real estate for many years. Although blessed with four children and a wonderful husband, she realized there was more to life than dedicating a great deal of it to her job.

Yarrish and her husband moved to Kingsley where they set up YarCorte Acres. While working with the horses, Yarrish began to realize there wasn’t anything outside of her reach.

“It wasn’t so much what I taught the horses,” Yarrish said. “It’s what they taught me.”

Working with the horses, Yarrish began to realize it was helping her think about what she was supposed to be thinking.

“It’s about reorganizing the mind,” she explained. But also, it helps our health. I wasn’t taking medication any more, because I felt better not being so stressed out.

Using horses as therapy to help rearrange one’s thinking, Yarrish said, allows people to accelerate their careers by providing them with ideas and motivation they otherwise may not experience.