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Registered Republicans and Democrats head to the polls next Tuesday, May 16, with competitive races for Magisterial District Judge and county coroner highlighting the ballot in Wyoming County.

Incumbent district attorney Jeff Mitchell and incumbent county treasurer Patricia Mead have no opposition heading toward November, although that could change based on write-ins filed.

For the competitive races, incumbent Magisterial District (44-3-01) Judge David Plummer, will square off against attorneys Barbara Grimaud, of Tunkhannock Twp., and John Tidball, of Lemon Twp. on the Republican ballot and Grimaud and Plummer will also appear on the Democratic ticket as both have cross filed.

The District covers roughly half of Wyoming County and includes Clinton Twp., Exeter Twp., Falls Twp., Factoryville Borough, Lemon Twp., Nicholson Borough, Nicholson Twp., Overfield Twp., Tunkhannock Twp., and Washington Twp. The new district is a result of a consolidation of three MDJ offices into two in Wyoming County in 2015.

Other competitive races on the Republican ballot include:

In Clinton Twp., a supervisor’s race has James Davis who was appointed after Harry Colvin’s death, being opposed by Robert Shupp; and for tax collector incumbent Walter Warring is opposed by Chelsey Gumble.

In the Nicholson Mayor’s race, Albert Olive and Charles Litwin Jr. are squaring off.

In the North Branch supervisor’s post incumbent Darrel Andras is being opposed by Joseph Solanick.

In the Northmoreland supervisor’s race, incumbent Paul Gates is being opposed by John Sands.

In the Washington supervisor’s race, incumbent Bill Ball is being opposed by Robert Franko Jr.

For Tunkhannock Area School Board, there is a lone race in Region 2 that shows up on both ballots as incumbent Randy Greenip Jr. is opposed by Shana Gregory.

The only other competitive race on the Democratic ballot include Forkston Twp. supervisor where Kevin Ray and Marge Partusch are squaring off for the seat being vacated by Frank Miner.

In Tunkhannock Township, there is no competitive race in either May primary ballot, but for the supervisor’s spot, Republican Randy White is running for a 6-year term for the seat being vacated by Veto Barziloski, and Hoyt Keiser is running for the 4-year seat to which White was appointed after Steve Franko who won last November decided not to take the position. Both will likely face Tami Balewski who appears on the Democratic ballot.

Here is a complete list of people who filed petitions to run for elected office.

Democrats are listed with a ‘D’ next to their names and Republicans with an ‘R.’ School board candidates and magisterial district judges who filed for both nominations have both letters.

Unless otherwise listed, all terms are four years for county offices, mayors, council members, and tax collectors; and six years for supervisors, magisterial district judges and auditors.

CORONER: Thomas G. Kukuchka (R); Collin Lunger (R).


TREASURER: Patricia Crandall Mead (R).

MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT JUDGE (44-3-01): Barbara R. Grimaud (D/R), David K. Plummer (D/R) John Tidball (R).



BRAINTRIM: Supervisor: Frank Holdren (R); Insp. of election: Sherre L. Boyanowski (D), Joanne R. Sands (R); Judge of election: Ann Marie Ruane (D).

CLINTON: Supervisor: James Davis (R), Robert R. Shupp Sr. (R); Tax collector: Chelsey A. Gumble (R), Walter Warring (R); Judge of election: Misty Mecca (D).

EATON: Supervisor: Jeremy Watkins (R); Tax collector: Becky J. Watkins (R).

EXETER: Supervisor: Ann Marie Willis (R); Tax collector: Ann Marie Farley (D); Gordon Bardzel (R).

FACTORYVILLE: Mayor: D. Gary Evans (R); Councilmen (for 4 seats): Gregg Yunko (R), Christopher S. Bergey (R), William H. Edwards IV (R), Charles Wrobel (R); Tax collector: Suzanne Swift (R); Judge of election Ward 1: Mary L. Truitt (R); Insp. of election Ward 1: D. Charles Truitt (R).

FALLS: Supervisor: Levi A. Bonnice (R); Tax collector: Melissa Bonnice (R); Judge of election Ward 1: Vicki L. Brown (R); Judge of election Ward 2: Melodie Madus (R).

FORKSTON: Supervisor: Lewis Denison (R), Marge Partusch (D), Randall Kevin Ray (D); Tax collector: Mary E. Valentine (R); Insp. of election: Leanora Denison (D), Dawn Marie Otten (R); Judge of election: Ellen M. Otten (D).

LACEYVILLE: Mayor: Philip Brewer (R).

LEMON: Supervisor: John C. Keefe (R); Tax collector: Connie Lawrence (R); Insp. of election: Elaine Decker (R), Linda J. Twordusky (D); Judge of election: Phyllis Leslie (R).

MEHOOPANY: Supervisor: Roy Darling (R); Tax collector: Mary Lee Goodwin; Insp. of election: Linda L. Decker (R); Judge of election: Oradell M. Banker (R).

MESHOPPEN (Twp): Supervisor: Bouwe Aukema (R); Tax collector: Boyce White (R); Auditor: Paula C. Foux (R).

NICHOLSON (Boro): Mayor: Charles H. Litwin Jr. (R), Albert William Olive (R); Councilmen (for 4 seats): Dawn Bell (R), John R. Decker (R), Joan Irion Jenkins (R), Mary M. Scott (D); Tax collector: Barbara J. Nichols (R); Insp. of election: Carol J. Ruble (R), Carol Brecht (R); Judge of election: Anna Aten (R).

NICHOLSON (Twp): Supervisor: Victor Choplosky (R); Tax collector: Audrey Smarkusky (R); Insp. of election: Jean Seamans (R); Judge of election: Cindy Mecca.

NORTH BRANCH: Supervisor: Darrel R. Andras (R), Joseph R. Solanick (R); Tax collector: Patricia P. Holzschuh (R); Auditor: Stephanie L. McKaskie (R); Constable: Darrell L. Sands (R); Insp. of election: Nancy L. Traver (R), Donna Lutz (R); Judge of election: Marilyn L. Stark (D).

NORTHMORELAND: Supervisor: Paul Gates (R), John Sands (R); Tax collector: Brenda W. Hampton (D), Barbara Stephenson (R); Insp. of election: Cathy Gates (D), Kellie A. Rusinko (R), Margaret Meg Venn (R); Judge of election: Gail L. Quick (R).

NOXEN: Supervisor: Cathie Pauley (R); Tax collector: Wendy B. Hettes (D); Insp. of election: Sarah Longmore (D); Lennette Zipay (R); Judge of election: Rebecca J. Keefe (R).

OVERFIELD: Supervisor: John Manglaviti (D), Peggy L. Leonhart (R); Tax collector: Robert H. Hug (D).

TUNKHANNOCK: (Boro): Mayor: Norman R. Ball (D); Counclimen (for 4 seats) Ward 1 Robert K. Robinson (R), Ward 2 Lisa A. Tesluk (R), Ward 3 Joseph C. Myers (R), Ward 4 Scott Douthett (R); Tax collector: Kenni R. Parr (R); Constable Ward 3: Mark E. Fetzko (R); Insp. of election Ward 1: Steven K. Stone (R); Judge of election Ward 1: Eva Dieffenbach (R).

TUNKHANNOCK (Twp): Supervisor 6 yr term: Randy White (R), Tammy L. Balewski (D); 4yrterm: Hoyt Keiser (R), Tammy L. Balewski (D); Tax collector: Ron Whipple (R); Constable Ward 1: Paul J. O’Hearn (D); Insp. of election Ward 1: Laura Anderson (D), Rosanne E. Womer (R); Insp. of election Ward 2: Martha Frederick (R); Judge of election Ward 1: Peggy Lane.

WASHINGTON: Supervisor: Bill Ball (R), Robert Franko Jr. (R), Terry E. Puterbaugh (D); Tax collector: Marjorie Winkler (R); Insp. of election: Irene A. Shemanski (D).

WINDHAM: Supervisor: Jason VanDeMark (R), Auditor: Mary L. Wood (R); Insp. of election: Beth A. Tiffany (R); Judge of election: Patricia L. Canfield (R)


ELK LAKE: Director Reg 5: Arden Tewksbury (R/D).

LACKAWANNA TRAIL: Director Reg 1: Kevin J. Mulhern (R/D); Director Reg 2: Adrian Bianchi (R/D); Director: Reg 3: Deborah C. Naylor (R/D), Philip R. Stark (R/D).

LAKE-LEHMAN: Director Reg 1: Kevin J. Carey (R/D).

TUNKHANNOCK: Director Reg 1 (for 2 seats): Phillip O. Farr (R/D), Bill Swilley (R); Director Reg 2 (for 1 seat) Randy Greenip Jr. (R/D), Shana Gregory (R/D); Director Reg 3 (for two seats): Holly Arnold (R), Rob Parry (R).

WYALUSING AREA: Director Reg 3: Matthew Muench (R).

WYOMING AREA: Director (for 4 seats); Carmen John Bolin (R/D), John Bonin (R/D), Nick Deangelo (R/D), John Marianacci (R/D), Kimberly Prebola-Yochem (R/D), Jerry Stofko (R/D).