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Nicholson Borough Council was informed at its regular meeting on Monday, July 3, about a road hazard on Oak Street.

Council member David Noakes explained that there’s about a 12-inch drop in the area.

“It’s bad,” he reported.

Oak Street was paved in June, and the problem was detected after the work was completed. Council will contact Wayco Inc. of Waymart, who performed the service and ask about having the area sloped to correct the hazard.

Noakes reported another problem that occurred in the past month is the collapse to two sections of an underground water pipe at Oak Street and Maple Street, under a private driveway. The borough owns the pipe and will be taking steps to have the situation corrected.

Nathan Truit informed the council that there are couple of road signs missing in the community and asked about the possibility of them being restored. He explained that he works with a local ambulance company, and the missing signs create a problem when emergency crews have been dispatched to certain locations.

Truit also told the council he will be providing CPR instruction at the United Methodist Church on July 7 at no cost to participants.

Council voted to renew its contract with DGK Insurance and Financial Services of Factoryville to provide insurance for the borough for the coming year.

On the recommendation of Jeffrey Kyle, vice-president of marketing for DGK, the council voted to obtain a $100,000 bond at a cost of $250. The bond, Kyle explained, is necessary because of the number of people authorized to sign checks on behalf of the borough, and covers any liability costs.

One of the borough’s biggest insurance costs, Kyle explained, is the money paid to provide Workers’ Compensation for every firefighter in Nicholson. The law requires that every firefighter must be covered, he said, even if they are only involved in fund raisers and other non-fire fighting activities.

Council was also informed that PennDOT removed a tree from Martin’s Creek in June, eliminate a possible hazard.