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The Tunkhannock Borough Council met Thursday night, and were pleased to brainstorm new ideas for Founders’ Day 2015, and offer their praise for Founders’ Day 2014.

“Founders’ Day, from a borough perspective, went very well,” said council president Stacy Huber.

Although Founders’ Day was extended in the borough from Pine Street to McCord Street this year, feedback from local businesses may lead the borough to forego the idea next year.

However, there is some talk of instead extending the area where the festivities end at Warren Street - near Twigs - up to the courthouse, as borough police had several problems with trucks driving down to where it was closed and having a difficult time backing up the hill to turn around.

Council met in an executive session following the normal meeting to discuss potential litigation matters, among several personnel matters.

In the end, council voted to hire Kesselman Architectural Design, LLC, to advise in matters related to a property on 68 Bridge Street.

“There’s a potential litigation associated with it, so I’ll leave it at that for now,” Huber said following the executive session.

Also noted was a retention wall behind the new CVS Pharmacy that appears to be deteriorating in a manner that could pose future hazard.

As per the borough’s agreement with the company, calls were sent out to the agency’s contracted construction work to have a wall replaced.

Regarding flood work, Mayor Norm Ball said that properties in the federal buyout have been leveled, and one of them - the old B&R’s behind Sherwood Chevrolet - seems to have drainage issues. He said the contractor would be called back in to redo the work.

Council also voted to approve the installation of more LED traffic signal lights at the intersection of Bridge Street and the Route 6 bypass at a cost of $1,166.88.

The current traffic lights, according to council member Bob Robinson, fail frequently.

Also, some residents have noted that it can be difficult to see the signals clearly when coming across the bridge.

Mayor Norm Ball commented that construction on the replacement of boilers in the basement of the borough building is coming along very well, although the boilers are not yet up and running, but should be by the end of summer.

Ball was also pleased to announce that the bandstand at Riverside Park has officially been installed and opened, and that park visitors have been frequenting the location.

In his police report, Chief Roger Hardy informed the borough council that several of his officers had received field sobriety training that would significantly improve their ability to detect impaired driving from substances other than alcohol.

Hardy said efforts in the borough would be focused on stop-sign violations, as residents have been complaining of people running through stop-signs in a dangerous fashion.